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The Cove – Baton Rouge Beer Bars

August 18th, 2012

If you come to Baton Rouge and you’re looking for the best craft beer, the best alcohol selection and simply everything alcohol then you have to visit The Cove.   Brasseurs a la Maison home brewing club holds their monthly meeting at The Cove.   It’s a hard to find bar that’s somewhat hidden in a shopping center on Corporate Boulevard.    From the parking lot you’d swear you’re about to walk in to a small bar with 15 stools and a pool table.   When you walk in there’s a counter with some retail items that can somewhat confuse the first time you walk in.   You’re usually greeted by a well dressed person waiting at the counter   One friend commented that it very much resembles an old school speak easy and I think that’s the intention.

Upon venturing in you realize you’ve walked in to the mecca of alcohol in Baton Rouge.   To the right is a draft beer bar with 50+ taps that are going to be expanded to about 100 taps.    They carry all  the Louisiana craft brews and lots of beers you can find no place else.    Down the hall you walk in to a very long bar area with a huge bar.   There are more whiskeys, more scotches, more bottled beers, wine, mixers and more alcohol than I’ve ever seen in any place let alone Baton Rouge.   They’ve recently added a new bar who’s entire focus it traditional cocktails and it is simply amazing.   There are jars, mixers, bottles and things that made me think of some sort of an apothecary.   It’s truly impressive and as if the owner is as much a collector of these things as he is a businessman.

Everyone I’ve ever brought to this place has been in jaw dropping awe at what’s there that they never knew about.   If you’re looking for the ideal place for true enjoyment of the world of alcohol this is it.



Michael Jackson’s Beer Companion Poster

June 2nd, 2012

I love garage sale hunting in my neighborhood. I live in a neighborhood called Shenandoah in Baton Rouge which I’ve heard is one of the biggest in the world. Pretty much guaranteed several sales on a weekly basis. Today I ran across one of my favorite types which is a bunch of relatives selling an older persons junk for them which has been hanging around for a while. All kinds of tools, work out equipment, furniture and then I walked in to this beautiful poster from Michael Jackson still in the original plastic. It says portal publications and has 1996 written on it. I’ve searched around online and haven’t found even another picture like it. Very cool pictures of beers categorizations and style descriptions of the styles as Jackson saw them. I’m in love with it and can’t wait to get it framed up and on a wall. Great stuff!

Michael Jackson Beer Companion Poster

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All about beer brewing and drinking in South Louisiana.