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2014 Louisiana Homebrew Club Competition

March 9th, 2014

Yesterday Redstick Brewmasters hosted the Louisiana Homebrew Club Competition. As my Benedict Arnold Milk Stout won first place in stouts and went on to win Best of Show I obviously had a wonderful time. Redstick did a fantastic job lining up Mockler Beverage to host the competition, lining up sponsors, running the competition judging and hosting the judges. Lots of great beer, food and company to spend a Saturday.

The prizes for first place in stouts included a medal, $20 gift card to LA Homebrew, gift card and T-Shirt from the Cove and the wonderful New Belgium Ranger sign below.   Best of Show prizes were insane as Blichmann sent quick connects and a therminator, LA Homebrew donated $120 worth of gift gards, $50 donated from the Pelican House, $30 from the Cove and an awesome custom carved tap handle trophy.  Honestly I’ve never won so much stuff in my life.   This was an insanely wonderful surprise.

Louisiana Club HomeBrew Competition Prizes

A closer look at the awesome tap handle trophy:


Submitting my Porter to Brasseurs Porter Competition Today

July 24th, 2012

One of the interesting things I’ve been introduced to with being involved with Brasseurs a la Maison is the AHA Club Only Competition.    Our club members have brewed porters and we’ll be having a judging of those porters by the owner of Parish Brewing, the owner of Brewstock in New Orleans and a BJCP certified judge.    It should be very interesting and a lot of fun for the club.

My Bayou Brown Porter came out very well in my opinion.   It’ll be interesting what others have to say in the event there are some elements which aren’t to style or defects that I don’t detect.   Tasting and evaluating beer is something I feel like I am always learning new things about.

Regardless of how this competition comes out I’m submitting this beer to the Dixie Cup in Houston in a couple of months.